“Some situations dont end without closure. “- Joe Budden

So for my first real post I would like to talk about a relationship I was in (kinda still in) for the last six months. I titled this post with a quote from a rapper name Joe Budden. 

“Some situations don’t end without closure” I love this quote because I feel like we have all been in a relationship that should have never started. However, one day you look up and realize that you are in too deep and you can not just walk away. Everyone has their reasons for staying….my reason for staying was/is because I have invested too much time for this not to work. And then I think to myself I really don’t wanna start all over again and who wants to be lonely. I love my girl friends I really do but there are times when you simply want the company of a man. So, yes I would rather keep him around temporarily (at least I think it’s just temporary). I can admit to myself that yes a part of me needs that “closure” in order for me to move on. Closure  on both ends……I need to be done with him and he needs to move on from  me. It’s easier that way. It is also easier said than done. I have tried to break up with this guy at least three times and all of them have been epic fails. Some how I find myself right back in his web of lies and love… 

The man who I met in September is not the man he is today. And that’s the scary part. The man I fell in love with is a distant memory. A memory that fades with each passing day. Because I can’t even remember what it was that made me fall so hard for him .

Just like my relationship this post has no clear ending…… 

until next time,



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