In mid-March I had an experience with alcohol that was so incredibly awful it bordered on laughable.  The best way I can describe it is that it was “an alcoholic abomination.”

drunk leprechaun ibeatyoucom

Not that kind of abomination.  And it wasn’t the green beer, either – it was worse.

I had Mangria.

Mangria lineup

At quick glance, I thought it said “Mangina,” which would be hilarious…

Mangina Greka-magGR For the record, that’s not me…

A guy my wife works with had heard that I’m a wine aficionado and was excited to have me try that shit.  (The booze, not the tuck-back maneuver.)   The one time I met him, he repeatedly made it clear that he wasn’t a wine drinker – so often that I was certain it was a point of pride for him.    So you can imagine my opinion about the booze when he said he really liked the taste of it and thought I…

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