It’s been awhile….

I thought about deleting this blog because it was causing more drama and that wasn’t the outcome I expected. However, I discovered that It could not be deleted  but after so many days of the account being inactive it would delete all on it’s own lol. I don’t wanna let it go though. I’ve always wanted a blog. It was on my bucket list lol. So this post marks my come back…..if I can call it that. The content will be the same. I’m also going on vacation for a week so this will give me something to busy myself with. So expect another post soon my loves!! 
Hugs and kisses 



So today the topic of choice was going to be about open relationships but I changed my mind just now and I decided to talk about communication instead.

Communication is a beautiful thing when it’s done right and not in a malice way. When two people can share thoughts and not slander the other person you realize that whatever the issue(s) was its irrelevant now. Especially when my drama was centered around so many lies and the common denominator refuses to answer questions……its kinda hard to communicate. But I did share my thoughts and opinions on the situation and I feel GOOD about that. Short post today!

Hugs and Kisses


Petty Drama!!!

Hello good people,

So recently I found out that a previous post was sent to my boyfriend and taken out of context. So im here to just clear a few things up since im sure this person will still check this blog. Which I find very amusing.

1. He is my boyfriend and we have been together for six months.

2. Has the relationship been perfect….HELL NO.

3. Has he changed…HELL YES….Have I changed DAMN RIGHT I HAVE. (Given the situations we have had to overcome….I didn’t have much of a choice).

4. Do I love him? Of course I do.

5. Have I tried to break up with him? Yes about 3 times. But we managed to talk through our issues and try to move on from those issues.

6. Ok so maybe saying that this is a temporary relationship was harsh…..But YOU don’t know any of our background nor the conversations we have in private. WE know that our relationship is not temporary.

7. And also the end part were I talk about our love being a distant memory. Yeah some of the nice things that he would say or do have stopped but that doesn’t make our relationship all bad. Because he is still a nice guy that does and says nice things. I guess I wanted our honeymoon phase to last a little longer (BUT BECAUSE OF CRAZY ASS….DONT KNOW WHEN A RELATIONSHIP HAS ENDED….PETTY ASS….GIRL (NOT WOMAN) it was cut extremely short).


As always Hugs and Kisses


An Open Letter To All Of My Friends Who Take Selfies

The Belle Jar

Dear Friends Who Take Selfies,

I want you to know that I love it when you post pictures of yourself. I know selfies get a lot of bad press, but I think they’re rad. They give me a little window into your life, and you’d be amazed at how much I can get out of one little photo.

I love your pictures because I love seeing what you’re wearing – the outfits you build give me ideas about how to mix it up with my own wardrobe, and seeing you work your shit gives me courage to try clothing that I otherwise might have thought was too outlandish or revealing.

I love seeing how you do your hair and makeup. You look like a hot babe and I wish you would make YouTube tutorials explaining how you get your eyeliner just so. I want you to post pictures every time you change your…

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Alcoholic Abominations

In mid-March I had an experience with alcohol that was so incredibly awful it bordered on laughable.  The best way I can describe it is that it was “an alcoholic abomination.”

drunk leprechaun ibeatyoucom

Not that kind of abomination.  And it wasn’t the green beer, either – it was worse.

I had Mangria.

Mangria lineup

At quick glance, I thought it said “Mangina,” which would be hilarious…

Mangina Greka-magGR For the record, that’s not me…

A guy my wife works with had heard that I’m a wine aficionado and was excited to have me try that shit.  (The booze, not the tuck-back maneuver.)   The one time I met him, he repeatedly made it clear that he wasn’t a wine drinker – so often that I was certain it was a point of pride for him.    So you can imagine my opinion about the booze when he said he really liked the taste of it and thought I…

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“Some situations dont end without closure. “- Joe Budden

So for my first real post I would like to talk about a relationship I was in (kinda still in) for the last six months. I titled this post with a quote from a rapper name Joe Budden. 

“Some situations don’t end without closure” I love this quote because I feel like we have all been in a relationship that should have never started. However, one day you look up and realize that you are in too deep and you can not just walk away. Everyone has their reasons for staying….my reason for staying was/is because I have invested too much time for this not to work. And then I think to myself I really don’t wanna start all over again and who wants to be lonely. I love my girl friends I really do but there are times when you simply want the company of a man. So, yes I would rather keep him around temporarily (at least I think it’s just temporary). I can admit to myself that yes a part of me needs that “closure” in order for me to move on. Closure  on both ends……I need to be done with him and he needs to move on from  me. It’s easier that way. It is also easier said than done. I have tried to break up with this guy at least three times and all of them have been epic fails. Some how I find myself right back in his web of lies and love… 

The man who I met in September is not the man he is today. And that’s the scary part. The man I fell in love with is a distant memory. A memory that fades with each passing day. Because I can’t even remember what it was that made me fall so hard for him .

Just like my relationship this post has no clear ending…… 

until next time,


Hello world!

OMG, I am so excited to start this blog. I have been wanting to do this for along time and finally today and on a Friday….I’m actually doing IT lol.

So I guess first thing first (or however that saying goes) I should tell you a little about what this blog will be about. Well simple enough ME!! And others things…..such as….well things that I wanna discuss….so that’s  really anything under the sun, moon and stars.

On a serious note though some of the things I discuss on her are real things that are really happening so if you have good advice feel free to drop it via email (

Thanks in advance to everyone who will read this I hope you like it (possibly love it)

Hugs and kisses